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Video to DVD


Today’s Digital Remastering technology makes yesterday look and sound great!

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DUB CENTER believes that your photo and video collection are precious keepsakes that you would want to keep for the rest of the life. That’s why we’re constantly developing services that allow you to make the most of out digital technology and convert your old photos and videos into the current format.

We offer high-quality services at reasonable rates for almost any kind of video transfer job. Trust us to take care of your fragile films and negatives and we’ll give you a professionally-made output that you can enjoy for many years to come.

DVD lets you Share, Copy, and Preserve your irreplaceable memories

  • Treat yourself and loved ones to a very special gift
  • You have everything you need, and your movies are already personalized
  • The celebrations of your life are on Movie Film, Slides, Video Tape, & Prints
  • Our services are fast, simple, and convenient
  • Sharing your memories on DVD lets them last virtually forever
  • Copies of DVDs are EXACT duplicates, with no loss in quality
  • DVD supports Movies and Slide Shows
  • We offer computer editable, high quality, digital archive files

Digitally convert your home movies, videos and films to DVD

Home Moive Camera
  • 8mm Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • Super 8 Movie Film transfer to DVD
  • Single 8 Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • Super 8 magnetic sound Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • 16mm silent Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • 16mm optical sound Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • 35mm Slide Scanning and Transfer to DVD (any 2 x 2 slide mount)
  • Photos and Negatives Scanning and Transfer to DVD
  • VHS, BetaMax, Camcorder, and Video Tape Transfer to DVD
  • Free background music for any DVD movie or slide show


  • Experience the joy of sharing your memories now!
  • Give your children and grandchildren their own DVD treasure
  • Pictures from you will be a favorite keepsake gift for years to come
  • Home movies on DVD are great entertainment
  • Video tapes degrade each time you watch them
  • Video Tapes deteriorate after 10 years even if they just sit on the shelf
  • 35mm Slides, and Photos gradually lose their color
  • Movie Film shrinks and gets brittle
  • Slides and Movie Film require outdated equipment

Faithfully preserve your family’s video legacy for future generations

How can you get your videotape professionally transferred to DVD for the lowest price?

Try Dub Center’s fast, easy, and economical Video-to-DVD Transfer service.

Media Pile
Dub Center offers high-quality video transfer for best results.

Dub Center will transfer your existing video directly to DVD in one easy step.

Dub Center will encode your video and audio using high quality MPEG-II video compression and create a standard DVD-R video, USA Region 1 NTSC Video Standard, ready for viewing or archiving and most current DVD-R players today.

Your new DVD-R master can then be utilized as a DVD duplication master to create more DVD copies.

Chapter breaks are evenly spaced every 3-5 min. for even easier viewing fun.

In most cases masters can originate in (and be transferred to) any of the following tape formats:

  • Betamax
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • SVHS
  • 8mm
  • Hi8
  • Digital 8
  • Mini DV
  • DVCam
  • 3/4″
  • BetaSP

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