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Home Movie to DVD


Today’s Digital Remastering technology makes yesterday look and sound great!

DUB CENTER knows how precious your memories are, and we want you to be able to keep watching them in full color and crisp audio anytime you want. However, the recording technology of the past is no longer compatible with today’s digital players, and you might find yourself with reels and reels of old film that you can’t watch anymore.

Fortunately, DUB CENTER has the latest video transfer and digital remastering technology to convert your film to DVD format. We offer superior quality at the best value. Trust us with your once-in-a-lifetime memories and we’ll bring them back to life. Check our services list today and find out how we can help you watch your old home movies again.

Old Home Movies to DVD

Frame by frame scanning to convert old 8mm, Super8 and 16mm movies to video with background music and titles if you like

Digitally convert your home movies, videos and films to DVD

  • 8mm Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • Super 8 Movie Film transfer to DVD
  • Single 8 Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • Super 8 magnetic sound Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • 16mm silent Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • 16mm optical sound Movie Film Transfer to DVD
  • 35mm Slide Scanning and Transfer to DVD (any 2 x 2 slide mount)
  • Photos and Negatives Scanning and Transfer to DVD
  • VHS, BetaMax, Camcorder, and Video Tape Transfer to DVD

Free background music for any DVD movie or slide show

Why this special gift is so important:

  • Experience the joy of sharing your memories now!
  • Give your children and grandchildren their own DVD treasure
  • Pictures from you will be a favorite keepsake gift for years to come
  • Home movies on DVD are great entertainment
  • Video tapes degrade each time you watch them
  • Video Tapes deteriorate after 10 years even if they just sit on the shelf
  • 35mm Slides, and Photos gradually lose their color
  • Movie Film shrinks and gets brittle
  • Slides and Movie Film require outdated equipment
  • Faithfully preserve your family’s video legacy for future generations


  • Wedding Videos
  • Photographs
  • Engagement Photos
  • Honeymoon Photos
  • VHS Tapes
  • Baby Montage
  • Childhood Photos
  • Family Reunions
  • Sporting Events
  • Life Tribute Videos
  • Anniversaries
  • Recitals
  • Digital Pictures
  • 8mm Movie Films
  • Super 8 Movie Films
  • Single 8 Movie Films
  • 16mm Movie Films
  • Video Biography
  • 35mm Slides
  • Wedding
  • Reception Love Story
  • Film Negatives
  • 8mm Video Tape
  • Hi 8 Video Tape
  • Digital 8 Video Tape
  • Family Albums
  • Vacation Photos
  • Children’s Artwork
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • School Functions
  • Children Growing up
  • Fishing Trips
  • Digital Videos

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