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Streaming Web Video


Today’s Digital Remastering technology makes yesterday look and sound great!


QUICKTIME: 56K or Broadband

WINDOWS MEDIA: 56K  or Broadband

If you need a video clip compressed to stream on the internet, we can encode your clip for internet streaming on a PC, with or without copy protection.

Encoding Spec Requirements:

Streaming Video Conversions
  • Clip must be edited and prepared before Dub Center begins working on file. (We can edit and prepare your video content as well, for additional charge.)
  • The video clip may be provided in several formats. On any tape format today including DVCam, Mini-DV,  Betacam SP tape stock, or in the file formats of .mov, .avi or DV.)
  • Files can be provided on a external firewire hard drive, a CD-R or DVD-R. Client pays for shipping of their hard drive
  • Price includes capture and compression of your edited clip into one streaming format file. Price table divides with and without rights management. Call for custom pricing.

If you need “Custom Authoring” with full motion menus and more just call Dub Center for all you DVD mastering needs!

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