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Audio Transfer Springfield MO
Want to make sure that your audio memories are intact and available for playback anytime? DUB CENTER offers you trusted and faithful reproduction of audio from any source into CD format for quick and easy storage.

Each audio media you submit is transferred to an audio CD with up to 60 minutes playback time. Provide your own title for every audio CD so you instantly know what files are on it. Best of all, you can get additional copies of the same media at lower prices!

At DUB CENTER, we pride ourselves in providing customers with long-lasting satisfaction with our work, so they keep coming back to trust us with their audio and video mementos. Contact us today and let us know how we may help you.


While the standard audio cassette is still used today, it has already moved past its prime and will surely become obsolete in a few years’ time. Digital media is superior both in terms of quality and storage capacity, so don’t make the mistake of leaving your precious audio interviews and performances on cassette. Transfer them now into audio CDs that you can play on any PC and CD player.


Microcassettes are smaller, more compact versions of the audiocassette and offers 30 minutes of playback per side. It is still widely used for Dictaphones, answering machines, computers and compact audio recorders. Give your audio files a new lease on life by transferring them to an audio CD that’s playable on any PC and CD player.


LP records used to be king of analog audio recording, but the times have changed and we can now pack more information into a smaller disc. Don’t let your beloved music from the 20th century go obsolete. Transfer your files to an audio CD now so you can play your tunes any time on any PC and CD player.


The audio reel was widely used throughout the 1980s by audiophiles and professionals. Other types of media storage soon replaced the audio reel. Let your files be accessible to anyone anytime by transferring them to an audio CD that’s playable on any PC and CD player.

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